OpenMarkov users

Download and start OpenMarkov

Please check your Java version. Currently OpenMarkov requires Java 7 Java 8 or a more recent version.

Latest stable release: 0.2.0. Download this Java file (11 MB) on your hard disc (or on a pen-drive, or on a CD...) and start OpenMarkov by double-clicking on it. No installation is required.

Warning: That version cannot evaluate decision analysis networks (DANs). For them you need version 0.3.0, which still has known issues.

If you are using Java 8 or an older version, OpenMarkov's graphical user interface may be difficult to read on high-resolution screens due to small pixel size. The problem can be solved by installing the latest version of Java.

There is a trick for opening networks more easily with OpenMarkov by double-clicking on them.

Additional information

The page of references contains a tutorial and other documents about OpenMarkov.


If you need any help, write to:

Remember that OpenMarkov is not a commercial program, but a research prototype that still contains bugs. If you detect any, please report it in our issue tracker giving us enough information to replicate it. We will do our best to fix it, but given the serious scarcity of human resources in our group, we cannot promise to do it in a reasonable time.