Cost-effectiveness analysis with OpenMarkov

The last version of OpenMarkov can perform cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) with influence diagrams.

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Influence diagrams

This technical report describes OpenMarkov's algorithm for performing CEA with influence diagrams. It uses the following example: This and the other influence diagrams mentioned in this paper are available as ProbModelXML networks. You can download them, open them in OpenMarkov and execute: Tools > Deterministic cost-effectiveness analysis.

The algoritm for influence diagrams is based on an algorithm for CEA with decision trees.

Markov influence diagrams (MIDs, formerly called MPADs)

The tutorial contains a chapter that explains how to do CEA with MIDs.

There are several examples of MIDs encoded in the ProbModelXML format.

The slides of this seminar give an overview of our group's research and OpenMarkov's capabilities.